With a hook

You have 5 seconds or less
before a visitor to your website decides to read or move on!

Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Business?

The first line of copy on your web page (or brochure, flyer, email, direct mail piece, display ad or classified ad!) needs to prove to your visitors (or readers) that they have arrived at the informational page they were looking for.

The conversion rate on any marketing tool can vary dramatically by making even a single change to the headline.

A headline has one purpose: To get people to read more.  To accomplish that, your headline must:

  • Be intriguing and inviting
  • Prove to your readers that they’re at the right place.

People spends weeks and even months testing new headlines to get them just right!

I find writing headlines to be the most challenging part of the copywriting process.  So, I created a tool to help my staff, which I am offering free to all my clients.

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming.

The Good News Is, You Have A Free Tool To Help!

Here’s How It Works

  1. Click the link Headline Creator Tool
  2. To generate possible headlines, answer the four questions on the form about your product or service.  Then click the “Generate Headlines Now!” button. 
    The headlines generated appear in alphabetical order.
  3. Email the generated headlines for editing and future use by entering your email address and clicking on the “Email” button. If you do not like any of the suggestions, you can always click the “Clear!” button, change the answers to the four questions, and re-run the report.
  4. Massage the words to fit. 
    Sometimes the tools will create a headline that is not grammatically correct or, as written, does not make sense.  If it is a headline you think might work, you can alter the words to make it work.

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